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Plan and manage your finances with a simple friendly calendar
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15 March 2014

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This is a home budgeting and accounting software.

This is a good accounting tool for your personal use. It will help draw up a budget and then keep track of the expenses so that you know exactly how good your expenses are matching the budget made. Money calendar is a good tool to run your household budget. Listing of expenses is a very boring job for most people. So, what this tool does is to let you enter the expenses in a calendar format. Thereby, you just enter a few expenses on the calendar as the day it was made. This tool will take care of categorizing and consolidating the expenses made to date. That is quite an interesting way of entering data and quite simple too for just about anybody. The predefined categories will be displayed and you could select the right one.

You are able to record your revenues and expenses right on the calendar. In this calendar format, you are able to see what exactly is happening in the current month. You would be able to look at last month’s expense and make out where you are exceeding your budget. You will be able to plan for next month’s expenses as well as income. It has all the money management functions you need. This tool will let you manage more than one account and different income and expense categories. You can arrange to set alerts such that when your expenses exceed the limits you have set (budgeted) you will be warned. Flexible reports, multiple currency handling, handing of daily changes in the designated currencies are some useful features. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

Completely new, yet the simplest way to keep an eye on your money daily is to use calendar. But to not merely look at it the way you did it before - record your revenues and expenses right on the calendar.
With the calendar accounting, you can easily see your financial state for the current month, review your last month's expenses and, most importantly, properly plan your upcoming income and expenses.
The software includes all necessary money management functions. You can maintain multiple accounts simultaneously, manage different income and expense categories. You can even set limits for expense categories and be notified when these limits are exceeded. The program offers 6 different types of reports and allows using those for generating custom reports. The multi-currency support is designed to let you completely forget about any problems with transferring money between accounts in different currencies. Our idea of multi-currency appears to be unique, therefore, this is the only application where today's exchange rate for Euro differs from the yesterday's and, certainly, from the one that was current two days ago.
These are just the basic functions and distinctive features of the software.
To this day, Rylstim Budget is a perfect solution for managing personal finances, ideal for home users and for freelancers.
Money Calendar Lite
Money Calendar Lite
Version 5.0
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